Ganoderma Lucium Spore Oil Softgel

Granted the most advanced Ganoderma Lucidum Spore essence extraction patent. Contain >30% concentration of Triterpenes, polysaccharides, nucleoside and other effective ingredients of Ganoderma Lucidum Spore. The effect is significant.
Immune regulation. Helps build up resistance against harsh conventional treatment for major illnesses. Highly recommended for persons undergoing chemo and radiation therapy.


AT Capsule 爱特胶囊

ZK Brand AT Capsules is a unique blend of 6 different types of rare and expensive medicinal fungus. Greatly boost the immune system and speed up recovery of cells.

浓缩6菌多糖精华,中科牌爱特胶囊由中国 科学院专家研制而成。采用破壁灵芝孢子粉,虫草菌丝体,及多种珍贵药用真菌等的提取 物。爱特可以增强免疫系统,促进健康细胞 的生长。

Ganoderma Shell-broken Spore Capsule 破壁灵芝孢子胶囊

The shell-broken process is done via sophisticated physical technology under room temperature invented by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. This high-tech process make the shell-broken rate approach to 100%. This process also fully preserve the natural ingredients of Ganoderma Lucidum Spore and at the same time fully release its effective ingredients.

采用中国科学院发明的先进的现代物理常温破壁技术, 使灵芝孢子的破壁率趋近100%,保留灵芝孢子的全部天然成分,

10 X Concentrated Cordyceps Capsule 冬虫夏草10倍浓缩胶丸

Cordyceps helps improving the immune system, improve blood circulation, stimulates SOD activity.
Relieves stress and fatigue, helps in restoration of health after illness.


Concentrated Lycopene Capsule 超浓缩番茄红素胶囊

Extracted from the best tomatoes from Israel, Lycopene is a natural plant colouring that have very strong anti-oxidant properties, boost immune system, anti-fatigue and for anyone who is concerned about their prostate health.

源料来自以色列。世界首创的微囊技术番茄红素 是自然界最强的 抗氧化剂,强力清除自由基,提升免疫力,延缓衰老,保护前列腺。番茄红素是从蕃茄中提取的纯天然植物色素, 自然界中广泛存在。人体中也广泛存在番茄红素,以前列腺组织含量最高。

Vessel Clear Capsule

Vessel Clear Capsules is suitable for person who have issues with blood fat level, cholesterol or blood pressure.
It also helps relieving high stress level, lack of exercise and anyone who is concerned about their cardiovascular health.

中科血管通胶囊的作用机制有三个,即抑制胆酸、胆固醇的吸收, 并促进胆酸及胆固醇排出体外;

American Ginseng Capsule

ZK American Ginseng Capsule is made from Ultra Fine American Ginseng powder which allows it to be easily absorbed by the human body.
ZK American Ginseng contains Saponin upto 6.3%, and have properties like Anti-Fatigue, Improve Immune System, Relieve heatiness.

名贵的中药。超细微粉碎西洋参粉,洋参总皂甙 含量高达6.3%. 补气滋阴,清热生津,具有抗疲劳、抗缺氧、抗辐射、抗衰老、 调节免疫等。

BrainCare Plus Capsule

ZK Braincare Plus is suitable for person with high working stress levels, improve memory and soothes symptoms of insomnia, headaches.
Also suitable for reducing Cerebral function degeneration.

银杏黄酮能促进大脑循环代谢,改善记忆, 全面保 护脑健康,改善脑功能障碍,防治老年性痴呆症。

Cartilage Care Capsule 骨通灵胶囊

Cartilage Care is suitable for people who are suffering from joint pain, overweight, overworking.
Improve conditions of cartilage degeneration due to old age.

关节疼痛是由于关节软骨自然损伤及老化所引起。本品精选鲨鱼软骨素、透明质酸、氨基葡萄糖硫酸盐,三者配合全面重建软骨 组织,更有马齿苋镇痛消肿,