血管通胶囊 Vessel Clear Capsule

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Having been in function for more than a decade inside the body, the human blood vessels are experiencing a number of issues including ageing, hardening, and the potential for blockage. The reason is as such: as the human body age and the body functions weaken, blood vessels degenerate at a much quicker rate. As a result, this greatly affects cardiovascular health. Vessel Clear Capsules is suitable for individuals who have issues with blood fat, blood lipids, cholesterol, blood pressure or anyone who is concerned about their cardiovascular health.

用了数十年,血管变老化,硬化,阻塞。随着老年人身体机能衰弱,血管的老化程度增加,大大影响心血管的健康! 中科牌血管通胶囊帮大家清一清血管,也有助于帮助大家维持健康的血脂和胆固醇水平。


  • Health Benefits of Vessel Clear Capsule :
  • Helps unclog blood vessels, promotes smooth blood circulation and healthy blood pressure.
  • Helps maintain healthy blood lipid and cholesterol levels.
  • Promotes soft and flexible blood vessels.
  • 血管通胶囊对健康的效益:
  • 帮助疏通血管,促进血液循环顺畅和健康的血压。
  • 有助于维持健康的血脂和胆固醇水平。
  • 促进血管柔软有弹性。
  • Highly recommended for the following groups of people:
  • Those concerned with lipids, cholesterol, high blood pressure and blood sugar
  • Lack of exercise
  • Eat high-fat foods regularly
  • People concerned about cardiovascular health.
  • 高度推荐给以下人群:
  • 那些与血脂、胆固醇、高血压和血糖有关人士。
  • 缺乏运动。
  • 经常吃高脂肪食物。
  • 关注心血管健康的人。
  • Package : 180mg x 100 capsules。
  • 规格 : 180毫克 x 100粒
  • Dosage : 3-5 capsules each time, 2-3 times daily, taking 1/2 hour before meal with warm water.
  • 用量 : 每次3-5粒,每日2-3次,饭前半小时,温开水服用。
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