番茄红素 Lycopene

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Extracted from the best tomatoes harvested in Israel, the World’s first microencapsulated Lycopene was created. Lycopene has a natural strong anti-oxidant properties that helps to remove free radicals from the body, boosts the immune system, protects the health of the prostate as well as having anti-ageing properties. Lycopene is a pure natural plant colouring extracted from tomatoes, which is widely present in nature. Lycopene is also widely present in the human body, with the highest content in prostate tissue.

源料来自以色列。世界首创的微囊技术番茄红素 是自然界最强的 抗氧化剂,强力清除自由基,提升免疫力,延缓衰老,保护前列腺。番茄红素是从蕃茄中提取的纯天然植物色素, 自然界中广泛存在。人体中也广泛存在番茄红素,以前列腺组织含量最高。

Product Benefits : Promotes prostate health, fights against oxidation.

Ingredients : Lycopene.

Dosage 1 capsule per day, taking after meal.

Gentle reminder : Lycopene is fat-soluble, meaning they are best absorbed with fat, therefore please consume after meal.

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