破壁灵芝孢子胶囊 Ganoderma Shell-Broken Spore Capsule

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  • Helps to regulate the immune system, which strengthens the body’s defenses
  • Improves weak body constitution and helps to cope with the side effects brought about by harsh conventional treatment for major illnesses.
  • Highly recommended for individuals with weak body constitution as well as patients undergoing chemo and radiation therapy.

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【TAKE NOTE】Product Expiry date: January 11, 2022. If you take 4 – 12 capsules each day, it will take you just 8 – 25 days to finish one bottle (which includes 100 capsules) – so it’s still a good deal 😉


Using modern physics room temperature breaking technology invented by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the success rate of breaking down the spore shells improved to a near 100% rate. Not only does this process preserves the natural ingredients of Ganoderma Lucidum spore, it also makes it more effective for the body to absorb the ingredients.


采用中国科学院发明的先进的现代物理常温破壁技术, 使灵芝孢子的破壁率趋近100%,保留灵芝孢子的全部天然成分,让使用者能充分吸收灵芝孢子有效成分。

Product Benefits

Regulate the immune system, assists in preventing tumor growth



100% Ganoderma Shell-broken Spore



2-3 times daily, 2-6 capsules each time. Take it on an empty stomach.


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